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Across the country, states struggle with the challenge of providing health-care access and prescription drugs to their citizens who can’t afford it. In Kentucky, one solution to the problem can be found in Health Kentucky, a nonprofit organization that has provided free prescription drugs to more than 350,000 patients since its inception in 1984.

Eligible patients receive free dental care and medications through a statewide network of volunteer  pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, dentists. These individuals experience an improved quality of life — and peace of mind— when they can receive needed health care.

To the many volunteers in the medical community who contribute their time and resources, and to the many individuals and corporations who contribute funding to this important cause, Health Kentucky thanks you! Please consider giving time to help those in your community.

To learn more about this valuable mission and how it continues to benefit thousands of Kentuckians every year, we invite you to become a regular visitor to our Web site.


What is Health Kentucky?

Health Kentucky was at the forefront of helping Kentucky’s low income patients gain access to health care when it began its mission in 1984 as a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Health Kentucky has formed partnerships with state trade and professional associations, volunteer health care providers, the Cabinet for Health Services and the Cabinet for Families and Children. More than 300,000 individuals have been served since the organization’s inception.

TODAY, Health Kentucky and the KPC program have expanded to include ALL Kentucky residents and to assist with prescription drugs whether you have no insurance or are underinsured on your medical drug plan.
* see our NEW 2014 Guidelines Page .

Vision Statement

We are Health Kentucky. Our vision is to provide help with prescription drugs to ALL Kentuckians, whether you are uninsured, or underinsured on your prescription drug plan.

Mission Statement

To provide access to prescription drugs on our formulary list, if your are underinsured or not insured by:

  • Coordinating a network of enrollment sites for patients.
  • Coordinating a network of volunteer prescription drug pick up sites.
  • Collaborating with other organizations and helping provide prescription drug assistance.

We are Health Kentucky — a network of caring.


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Can’t afford insurance?

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