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When You Can’t Afford to Be Sick

Dentists volunteer to see our patients in their office for one free visit for minor illnesses for one complaint only. No emergency care.

Our goal is to keep you healthy so that you can stay on the job and out of the emergency room.

How We Help

If you can’t afford to have insurance with prescription coverage, or you have insurance but limited prescription coverage we can help you to get the medications. We can also help you see a volunteer dentist for a free oral exam only and does not include any dental work. Approved prescriptions are filled at no charge by a participating pharmacy.

How do you qualify?

To receive free help through Health Kentucky:

1. You must be a Kentucky resident  between the ages of 18-64.
2. You must not be covered Medicaid or Medicare.
3. You may have insurance with prescriptions not covered, or no insurance   
    at all.
4. Your family’s income must fall within federal poverty guidelines.

Services Not Covered through the KPC.
1. Work related injuries
2. Injuries from a motor vehicle accident
3. Disability Determinations/physical/paperwork
4. Hospitalizations of Emergency Room Visits
5. Medical/Dental emergencies
6. Any type of therapy including physical therapy, occupational therapy or       
    speech therapy.
7. Any surgical procedures, treatments
8. Physicals
9. Second Opinions
10. Any type of diagnostic testing including x-rays, lab work
11. Past medical Bills
12. Dentures
13. Eye glasses
14. Durable Medical Goods/Diabetic Supplies
15. Paperwork to receive food stamps
16. Pain Management

Do you have to wait until you need medications or see a dentist?

No! It is better to apply now. Registration is simple, private and free. You are approved for one year. You may apply again at the end of that year to continue with Health Kentucky for as long as you need it.

Call us toll free: 1-800-633-8100 for additional information.

Kentucky Physicians Care — Even the phone call is free. Our staff can answer your questions, or you can apply at your local Department for Community-Based Services office.

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Can’t afford insurance?

When you can't afford insurance, or your insurance does not cover a certain medication, maybe we can help. Call 1-800-633-8100.