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“Mary and Mike” — Covington, Kentucky

KS14343Letha, a Health Kentucky hot line operator for six years, got a call from “Mary.” Letha could tell from the first word spoken that Mary was scared. It turned out that Mary’s fear was not for herself, but for her 20-year-old son, “Mike.” The concerned parent explained that Mike had “found a lump on his testicles” and they didn’t have any money or insurance. Because they didn’t have a family doctor, she didn’t know where to turn for help. A friend had told her about Health Kentucky, so she was calling to see if the program could help.

Letha tried to console the tearful parent by offering assistance. She explained that Mary needed to go to the Kenton County Department for Community Based Services office so they could determine if Mike was eligible for the Kentucky Physicians Care Program. Letha told Mary to call her back after Mike had been determined eligible and she would give them the name of a local doctor. Relieved that some help might be available, Mary enrolled Mike in the program that day.

When Mary called Letha back, she was given the name and phone number of a family practice physician. She made the appointment right away and took her son to see the doctor. Concerned about the condition, the doctor said that Mike needed to see a urologist and advised them to call the hot line for another appointment. Mary called Letha and was given the phone number of a local urologist.

Still fearful of the possibility of cancer, Mary and Mike went to the urologist’s appointment. The doctor examined Mike, ran some tests at the local hospital and told them that he would call with the test results. A couple of days later, the doctor called. To Mary and Mike’s relief, the lump was not cancer, but a treatable condition. The physician told them that he needed to see Mike on a regular basis and offered to continue doing so without charge.

Letha got another not-so-routine phone call from Mary, this time thanking her for all of her help and the doctors for their generosity. “I was very glad that we could help,” said Letha as she later recalled the conversation. “It makes you feel good when you can help people.”

If you know someone who might benefit from Health Kentucky’s program, call our toll-free hot line at 1-800-633-8100 for additional information.


Henrietta — Cynthiana, Kentucky

Henrietta, 48, is like many other patients who seek help and services from the Health Kentucky program. She is poor, but knows she needs medical treatment. She’s worked hard, sometimes two jobs at a time, but for the last few years she’s been battling numerous medical problems. “Without the program, I would have no medical doctors whatsoever,” said Henrietta.

Dr. Greg Cooper, who practices in Cynthiana, has agreed to see Henrietta on several occasions without expecting payment. “As a physician, it’s painful to think about people not being able to get the quality of care they deserve,” said Dr. Cooper. The Health Kentucky program is helpful to him because he knows she can receive ongoing continuity of care. Also, he can write Henrietta a prescription, which she can have filled at a local participating pharmacy at no cost.

Thanks to Dr. Cooper and the other physicians, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies that participate, individuals such as Henrietta can receive the health care they need.

If you know someone who might benefit from Health Kentucky’s program, call our toll-free hot line at 1-800-633-8100 for additional information.


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